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i'll end up crying broken tears with a smile on my face for the rest of my life beacause of you...

oh man. just to let everyone know... there are happy people in the world. yes there are.

so yea. i went shopping for a pair of jeans today. oh man is that crazy. its a science. it really is. for example. your size can have a range of up to 5 different numbers. thats right ladies and gentilemen. 5. then theres the color. because you wouldn't want a dark pair if you're serching for a light pair. another thing is, you don't want a "worn in" looking pair... i can put holes in my jeans without your help thankyouverymuch. there are a few questions you want to ask yourself when you find a pair that meets these standards...
1. do they make my butt look abnormally large?
2. do they make me look strangely short/tall?
3. if i bend over, do i show any crack?
these are important factors in buying jeans. i myself tried on a good 20 pair or so. but i then realized that the 2nd pair of jeans i tried on worked for me...

oh man. i got jeans and another pair of pants thanks to angela...
mom- why don't you get a pair of those pants that angela was wearing, those were cute...

brothers birthday tomorrow... im thinkin a box of jones sodas and a ticket to flogging molly.
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wow... It's been almost impossible finding Jones soda in Mass... And I always try to show my crack in jeans. heh.
no jones sodas? you poor thing. my litte brother is gettin 6 different flavors tomorrow morning. hes going to love me forever.

i would go for the ass crack thing with jeans but its just not as hot on girls...
yeah well I try to pull off that plumber look.. so ass crack is required. still working on beer gut. and yeah it's hard to find it here. Drank it all the time when living in Ann Arbor.. damn the man.
ann arbor michigan? wow. i live in livonia. thats close (if ya mean michigan)...
yup that's right where I mean! I was there till this time last year.
"damn the man" hell yes!
Save the Empire!
Empire records! (special edition, alicia... ::wink::)
Special edition eh? Veryyyyyy nice! Sigh I have the regular edition.
oh you should see the special edition... tons of extra scenes.... very very nice.... and all the crazy extra stuff because of the DVDness
mmm dvdness.... wait I don't have a player!! grah. soon enough though!