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congrats sabs... you passed.

i am at my grandma and grandpas... they let me do anything i want here. anything. grandma made me spaghetti and an ice cream sundae. grandpa set up his computer for me and they told me to sit down and watch some tv. now thats something you just don't get at home.

so much craziness. im not sure what to think of anything anymore. that may sound emo, but i assure you, im just confused.

yea. so i admit. it would be nice to have a boyfriend. and i don't have one. wanna make somethin of it?

foo fighters tomorrow. oh the excitement. that was not sarcasm. just too tired for exclamation points.

um yea. so who really wants our band to work? me. so kids... we need to practice. maybe when me and angela get back? that would be sweet. sabs, bosh, call me about this...

i have to get up early tomorrow. ick. but grandma will probably make me a big breakfast. mmmmm. im not usually this into food. but grandmas breakfast?!?! who can pass that up?
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