daddy's little defect (skaterchick) wrote,
daddy's little defect


its my little brothers birthday. i love the little guy. although sometimes... naw. just kidding. hes my favorite.

oh man. i woke up early enough for coffee this morning... mmmmmm. they can't drink it all in an hour. its mine! score!

so kerry got 6 jones this morning and an IOU for a concert. im thinking flogging molly will be pretty sweet for a first concert. he loves em.

going out to breakfast this my new pants! WHOO HOO! not my old jeans that are too big but not in the cool baggy way. big in the "she must have lost 20 ibs!" way... i didn't. they were just always too big. oh well. whatever.

oh man. didn't get into the switchfoot concert last night... we must have been way to late. some advice... if theres a free concert advertised on the raido... get there early. so we just went to the bean and hung out.
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