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we make me sick...

Kskater05: did it come to you in a dream?
Britbabe2424: yes it was magical
Kskater05: oooo was there a unicorn by chance?
Britbabe2424: there are always unicorns in my dream
Britbabe2424: and meadows
Kskater05: ooo and puppies?
Britbabe2424: just two of em
Kskater05: are you skipping through the meadows?
Kskater05: with the puppies?
Britbabe2424: yes and i have a wond
Britbabe2424: yes the puppies are taking me to the secret club of cool people
Kskater05: ooooo is there a password for the club?
Britbabe2424: i cant tell you
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