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i never really wrote about my day with chid...

walking to the park. it was just like when we thought of scraped knees when someone said pain. "should we go the sidewalk way, or through the back?". sit on the swings for a bit. create your own breeze on such a hot day. i'll push you on the tire swing if you push me. not caring about the chocolate cake and wendys until then. except now our little talks hold more maturity. or maybe less. i never could tell. we used to talk of being rockstars and the boys in our class that we liked. now we just joke about being rockstars and how badly it hurts to look at the boys we like. so many wasted feelings. you have fun on the playground. i'll lay here on this plastic dinosaur thing and comtemplate life. an unlikely spot. the summer wind dries sweat from my back as i listen to you play. it feels good after all the running around that we did. "chidman. you want to walk to the store to buy things for smoothies?". in that moment i realized, everything is going to be fine. no one can hurt me as long as i don't let them.

i love ya chid.
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